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“The media usually only addresses LGBTQI+ rights in August during Copenhagen Pride Week. But our struggle and right to exist safely in public spaces aren’t seasonal. We experience hate on a daily basis. We refuse to passively stand by and watch as their lights are snuffed out.”


On June 3rd, 2020, activists from all over the country gathered for the protest “Kjoler mod hadforbrydelser” (“Dresses against hate crimes”) which has since transformed into a national movement against hate crimes. The protest was initiated by Elijah Kashmir Ali and Mizz Privileze.

Vision: No LGBTQI+ people in Denmark should ever again be the victim of a hate crime.


Mission: To show the nation’s population and politicians that hate crimes and discrimination against LGBTQI+ people are daily and constant.


How to make change: We believe that we can create political and social change that will put an end to hate crimes by drawing attention to the problem and make the nation’s lawmakers that hate crimes are daily and constant.


Core values: We utilize intersectional, feminist analysis, and we want to include as much of the LGBTQI+ community as possible in our work, storytelling, and protests.

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